Home Gallery Apartments Access Reservation policy Restaurant Contact Your Account / Login Projekt KlimekArt &Domdesign.pl Widok z Giewontu Jaskinia Mylna Granaty Małe Ciche 18 km http://www.maleciche.com/ Zakopane is a city which offers visitors many attractions. Both winter and summer, everyone will find something for everyone. In winter, skiing enthusiasts can take advantage of well prepared slopes and ski lifts. In summer you can hike and capture the peaks and valleys. Starts are many hiking trails hiking and biking. People who do not like hiking mountain trails, and want to find yourself on one of the Tatra peaks can enter one of them - throughout the season are open queue to Gubałówka, Kasprowy Wierch,  Butorowy. Walking around Zakopane can visit numerous museums and galleries. In Zakopane Krupówki there are many historic buildings. In the evening you can go to the theater Witkacy art, or film to the cinema. If during the walk we want to eat something, you can always join the many restaurants, pizzerias, pubs or regional, where they play music and try to highland highland specialties. You can swim in the geothermal pool in Antalowka. At the top of hill and glade Gubałówka can go horseback riding. In Zakopane organized is a lot of regional events, cultural, sports stars, as well as concerts. Among other things: Picnic Tatra, Zakopane Bank, the International Festival of Mountain Folklore, Wici Tatra, Tatra Autumn, Zywiec - For Snow, the World Cup in Ski Jumping and many other events. Anyone who has even once visited Zakopane, Poland argues that it is a magical town, which wants to return Links http://www.zakopianski.pl/zakopane_atrakcje.php http://www.zakopane.tv/ (szlaki turystyczne video) http://www.kamery.pl/produkty/kamery-online-zakopane/index.html (kamerki Zakopane) http://szlakizakopane.elk.pl/ Rooms and Apartments   Pension Zakopane / Kościelisko (A simple description of the routes): http://zakopane.naszemiasto.pl Witów 5 km http://www.witow-ski.pl/ Aqua Park Zakopane ul. Jagiellońska 31, 34-500 Zakopane 5 km www.aquapark.zakopane.pl Towarzystwo Geotermalne ul. Sportowa 22 34-530 Bukowina Tatrzańska  21 km http://www.termabukowina.pl/ Meander Thermal miestna časť ORAVICE 027 44 TVRDOŠÍN  34 km http://www.meanderpark.com/ Ski resorts (the distance from Mioduli): Hopok - Słowacja ( dobry dojazd cześciowo autostradą region)               110 km                   http://www.jasna.sk/ Tarzańska Łomnica -Słowacja   58 km                 http://www.slowackie.pl Białka Tatrzańska               27km                  http://www.bialkatatrzanska.pl/ Kasprowy Wierch 5 km http://www.kasprowy-wierch.pl/ Harenda 8,5 km http://www.harendazakopane.pl/ Na Nosalu 8,5 km http://nosal.pl/ Szymoszkowa 1,5-2 km http://szymoszkowa.pl/